Gemini, sign of the twin, the two halves.  How can I build bridges and stop building islands?  It seems I have and probably always will have the desire to try and (reconcile?) combine 2 dimensional art-forms.  It’s something internal that I sometimes find hard to express.  I always felt like the Painters thought I was cheating and the Photographers thought I was ruining perfectly good photographs.  Even though I know most of that is my own internalization, it causes me to re-think my work on a daily basis.  I love Photography and have since I bought my first Brownie Hawkeye at a garage sale in 1972.  I love to paint in all it’s fluid deliciousness.  I just can’t stop.  I am so fascinated by the collective body of Art history and this exact moment in time, technology-wise, we occupy at this point in history that it’s become endemic to my existence.  I need, no must, make a melange of what I see, hear and feel….I just can’t stop.



Fairs Fair.

Greeting and salutations cyber-junkies.  This represents my professional and personal platform on which to theorize, hypothesize and basically visually and verbally muse.